Sunday 22 August 2010


Back to Basics... cut down on Blogging... or Facebooking!

My mind generates new ideas faster than I can record it down. My blog is a mean for me to record them. Thank God for those ideas that he plants in my head... it gives me ideas for projects after projects... but I have to learn to be a good steward and be wise to know how to strike a balance.

I write this blog to 4 most important audience in my life:

1. I pour out my heart to my mother in my blog... but alas, she doesn't read it - the computer is too advanced for her and my blog is in English (although I have provided a tool to translate it into Chinese)...

2. I write what's important to my heart... but alas my Significant Other doesn't read it - he is not part of the blogger/facebook community...

3. I share my heart joy and my heartache with J... but alas, he doesn't read it too... he is still a baby...

4. My sister's life is too hectic in Singapore to read it too...

So why am I blogging?

I’m hearing God's call to draw me closer to Himself, to discipline myself to choose to go to Him and His Word - instead of to my computer, my facebook and my blog. My blog pulls me away from those that matter most and my to-do list. In blogging, I have ironically neglected the most important things in my everyday hectic life that I am trying so hard to balance and to achieve, and they are all related to basic communication and interaction:

1. Quiet time with God
2. Couch time with my Significant Other
3. Phone time with my mother
4. Play time and development time with J
5. Writing emails and making phones to friends most dearest to me...

So I need to get back to basics... back to my priorities and back to basic communication.

But I have a challenge - I am not eloquent or well-articulated verbally. When I write, my mind flows like a river... When I talk, my mind dries up like a desert!

So my action plan would be:
1. First thing first, quiet time with God
2. Couch time with my Significant Other
3. Call my mother once a week
4. Then only if I have time left, email and call my dearest friends.
5. And if I still have time left, blog and share only information e.g. recipe, and not all my reflection and after-thoughts in my blog
6. If I do share my reflection in my blog, seek God's wisdom on how to use my time wisely and only limit to only 1 post a week. This can only be done if I spend time on my knees in quiet time with God.

So I am just going to write this one last post and switch off my computer... oh Lord, it seems so hard for me to learn this lesson well.

The Bible says:

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven..." - Ecclesiastes 3:1

"Everything is permissible for me—but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible for me —but I will not be mastered by anything." 1 Corinthians 6:12

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