Sunday 15 August 2010


My Very First Bible in Chinese/English

I bought this Chinese/English bible for J from Tecman Christian Bookshop at Bras Basah Complex in Singapore. It was quite expensive, approx. 60 SGD I remembered, but it was a very good investment.

I have been reading to J in Chinese and Daddy in English, since J was a newborn.

The advantages are:

1. It comes with Chinese and English text side-by-side and is very colourful and reader-friendly. It is very hard to find such books in the market, thus, this is a rare find.

2. I like the content very much.

There are two disadvantages though:

1. It does not come in Chinese Hanyu pinyin. But my mum came to visit me, when J was born, and with her help, I have put Hanyu pinyin in some of the words.

2. The pages do not come in hard cardboard, thus not so baby-friendly. However, I usually read to J during bedtime, thus, he does not get to touch the pages.

J loves it when I read to him, and it is one of those books that he doesn't get tired of, which is good, considering the price I paid for it! Now that he is a toddler, he loves to point at the illustration in the book. Also, now that he is a toddler, he does not tear book, but gently flip the pages, which is nice.

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