Wednesday 11 August 2010


Steamed Chicken/Dampede Kylling/蒸鸡 [zhēng jī]

Recipe from Haiyan

- 1 chicken
- 4 stalks spring onions
- 5-6 slices of ginger
- 1-2 cloves of garlic chopped
- 2 TBS cooking oil
- Salt and pepper to taste

1. Stuff the chicken with 3 stalks of spring onions and 4 slices of ginger.

2. In a big pot with one inch of water, when the water boils, put the chicken in, turn down the fire (no. 4-7 on my stove) and steam the chicken (skinned or unskinned) in a big bowl for 40 minutes to 1 hour under low fire.

3. Remove the chicken (but save the chicken juice in the bowl) and place it into a serving dish.

4. Fry oil with garlic and ginger, then add in chicken juice from streaming chicken, salt and pepper. Lastly add schopped spring onions.

5. Pour the mixture over chicken and add some fresh spring onions.

6. Serve with rice.

Video Demonstration:


This is how you steam a chicken:

Fill the big outer pot with 1-inch of water. Place the chicken in another bowl big enough to contain the chicken. When the big pot of water boils, place the bowl of chicken on top, cover, turn down the fire and steam for 40 mins to 1 hr. (If you wish, you can place a metal rack on the bigger pot of water to hold the bowl of chicken and steam the chicken.)

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