Sunday 22 August 2010


Child raising... a life-long lesson in generosity

Normally, I had to feed J his breakfast, but this morning marked a special milestone. Before I could go and feed him, J took the spoon, fed and finished by himself the breakfast and later dinner. Today marked the milestone of J (17M17D) compleing the journey for self-feeding.

Life is getting easier and easier each day for me with J getting more and more independent by the day... yet i am getting sentimental... each new day of independence brings joy, but also reminds me that it is 1 more day nearer to the day he will leave home... our baby is growing up so FAST!!!

This evening as I washed the dishes, a tear dropped... someone once told me that children is on loan to us by God... how true... my mother-in-law brought up my Significant Other, and generously gave him to me... to this I am forever grateful.

J will grow up in no time and leave home, and I have to learn to be equally generous and give him away to someone else. May I start praying that I could be as generous as my mother-in-law. May God graciously teach and patiently prepare me for the day to come, that I can greet that day with inward-flowing grace and generosity, just like my mother-in-law.

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