Friday 6 April 2012


J Summary (3Y1M1D) - J Accepted Christ On Good Friday Today

I wasn't prepared for Good Friday today. I had no plans and did not prepare any lesson plan. I felt a little lousy. J asked to read books today. Suddenly I thought of an idea. I decided to pick a story from our Little FECS' favorite Rhyme Bible to commemorate Good Friday, which was Jesus' death. I read the English Children's Bible and the Chinese Children's Bible.

We read the story of Jesus' death and Jesus' resurrection this morning during blanket time. Our Little FECS requested to read the same story again in the afternoon. He wanted also to play with play theater and asked how we can play with it. I said it is best played with a story. Then an idea came to my mind again - I will use the Rhyme Bible to act out the story. We didn't have the right puppet, but our Little FECS picked a puppet most appropriate to be Jesus. I told him that Jesus is a man, but mommy was going to use the puppets that we have. We had 2 female puppets, a clown and an angel. Among the 4 of them, he chose the female puppet in blue as the better choice compared to the clown. It was also my choice. The play was very badly acted out, as I thought to myself. I felt a little deflated again. I was unprepared, no script, no rehearsal. I wondered if he has understood the play, or if I just confused him. I also wondered if the level of English was too difficult for him. But it seemed that he enjoyed it.

Although we did not have the appropriate props, nevertheless we acted out the play of Jesus' death, using our window as the cross. Later in the day, my Daddy FECS asked what we have done today. Our Little FECS tried to explain what we have done, the story and the play, and he got stuck. Then he went downstairs to pick something. I thought he went downstairs to pick the puppet to explain to my Daddy FECS, but to my surprise, he brought the Bible up. He wanted me to read the story again with Daddy around. This time, for each sentence and page I read in English, he explained in Danish to his Dad. To my surprise, he explained everything correctly - That Jesus was taken by the wicked soldiers and men, that Jesus died on the cross. He specifically turned to the page with Jesus on the cross, and showed it to Daddy. He pointed out all the bad guys. When we asked him who Jesus was, he pointed to Jesus as "den søde mand", meaning the sweet man.  At that moment, I knew in my heart that my question was answered by God, that yes, our Little FECS had understood. He heard everything in English and explained everything correctly to Daddy into Danish. Yes, the play though so roughly done, did convey to him the story of Good Friday.

During bedtime, our Little FECS asked to be read the same story again. So I read to him. In the middle of the story, something prompted me, and I shared the gospel with him. I asked him if he wanted to accept Christ. He said yes. I looked into his eyes and he said yes very determinedly. I asked him to repeat after me in English the Sinner's Prayer. He repeated after me every single word.

We read the story again from two different English Children's Bible. God gave me another idea - to sing songs and praises to Him. So we sang some songs about Jesus, and our Little FECS enjoyed it. Coughing as I was, I sang with all my heart. J participated fully. After that, out of his own initiative, our Little FECS said to me, "Jesus is in his stomach". I said, "Oh, you meant Jesus is in your heart?" He laughed at himself for saying stomach and said yes, he meant Jesus is in his heart.

I felt that our Little FECS had understood the whole story, because he translated the whole story to Daddy FECS in Danish. I felt too that he somehow understood the meaning. God has put in each of us a unique understanding of Him, and it is perhaps the most true and pure during childhood. I thank God for this priceless and special day, for leading our Little FECS to Christ. It is much more valuable and priceless than anything else, and the greatest gift ever. It is a very memorable and special day for us. I held close in my heart and wanted to remember it forever.

I thank God for His grace today as I truly could not claim any credit. I came unprepared, but God still used me. I was not eloquent, did not have the right props that I normally use to make sure to capture our Little FECS 's attention, yet God still worked in the little child's heart, and used me his mom as an instrument. My heart is full of gratitude.

Yes, truly it was with God's amazing grace, as I was so unprepared. I am still awed by God and filled with joy. It is the best gift that a mom can ask for. The whole heaven rejoices, when a soul is saved.

This is the Children's Bible that I used to witness to our Little FECS:

Nevertheless, I will be looking out to purchase Biblical puppets.

A picture of J touched by God on another occasion, I held this momentclose to my heart.

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  1. so wonderful to hear of God's miracles Elaine! :) May Joshua grow to be a man of strength and courage (like his namesake) in the Lord.


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