Tuesday 10 April 2012


Montessori Activity: Training Ability to Listen to Series of Sounds (3B)

Idea from the book "Phonemic Awareness in Young Children" by Marilyn Jager Adams et al

Age: From 3 years old
1. To develop the memory and attentional abilities for thinking about series of sounds and the language for discussing them.

2. To stimulate the development of phonemic awareness in children.

1. Actions with Objects that make interesting and distinctive sounds such as
- banging on wall/table/lap
- blowing
- blowing a whistle
- blowing nose
- clapping
- clicking with tongue
- closing purse
- colouring hard on paper
- coughing
- crumpling paper
- cutting with scissors
- dropping (various things)
- drumming with fingers
- eating an apple
- folding paper
- flipping newspaper
- hammering
- hopping
- noisy chewing
- opening window or drawer
- pouring water
- ringing a bell
- rubbing hands together
- scratching
- sharpening a pencil
- slamming a brook
- smashing crackers
- snapping fingers
- stamping
- stirring with teaspoon
- tearing paper
- tiptoeing
- turning on computer
- typing on keyboard
- walking
- whistling
- writing on blackboard
- writing with a pencil

1. Ask your child to cover his eyes and listen very carefully without peeking, while you make a familiar sound such as closing the door, sneezing, playing a key on the piano, etc. Make only one sound and ask your child to identify just one sound.

2. Once your child has caught on the game, make two noises, one after another. Ask your child to guess the two sounds in sequence saying, "There were two sounds. First, I heard a ____, then I heard a ____." as advised by the book.

3. After your child has become quite good with pairs of noises, produce a series of more than two for him to identify and report in sequence. Complete sentences should be encouraged.

1. With your child's eyes closed, make a series of sounds. Then repeat the order, but omit one of the sounds. Ask your child to identify the sound that has been omitted.

2. Invite your child to make sounds for you to guess.

3. This game is good to review your child's use of ordinal words such as first, second, third, middle and last.

Additional Information:
I will be doing this activity from Marilyn Jager's book "Phonemic Awareness in Young Children" with Joshua. I highly recommend this book:

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