Saturday 23 March 2013


Board Game: Pop to the Shops

Age: From 5-9 years old

Duration: 30 - 45 minutes

1. Teach the child to learn to take turns
2. Teach the child counting (he has to throw the dice and count the steps to take - the more concrete and easy part and counting money - the abstract and difficult part)
3. Teach the child the concept of money, how to handle money and the concept of buying and selling.
4. Teach the child how to ask politely when visiting a shop.
5. Teach the child the names of the different items we buy in English
6. Create an excellent opportunity for bonding with your child.

1. Each player starts by picking a card from those spead out on the table. This shows the first item they have to purchase.

2. The youngest player starts by throwing the dice and moving their character the corresponding number of spaces towards the shop that sells the item.

3. Play passes to the next player.

4. When a player reaches the correct shop, they must ask the shopkeeper politely for the item they wish to buy and pay the shopkeeper the appropriate amount of money.

5. The card with the coloured background is given to the player and the other card is discarded by placing it in the box.

6. The player places their item onto their shopping bag board, returns their character to their own shop doorway and a new card is taken ready for their next purchase.

7. Players must always check that they have enough money to buy the next item shown on their card. If not, then that card should be returned to the table and a new card taken.

8. The first person to fill their shopping bag bard with all 6 items is the winner.

Additional Information:
I didn't come from a family which play board game, either does Daddy. Nevertheless, I think board game is a good way for family bonding, and I wanted to start J young on it.

J loves this board game, although he still could not quite tell the difference between 40p to £1.20 (I bought this from Amazon UK). He requested to play this game evening after evening, and repeating after a finished round. But our rule is only one round a session. Thus, we had not have the time to do any Montessori the past week.

Being adults, Daddy and I weren't not too thrilled to play this board game, as it was too easy for us. But for the sake of J, I continued and of course, I dragged Daddy into the "pain" :-)

It however provided us much joy to see how thrilled, excited, interested, fun and happy J was playing this board game and for the education value it provides.

So based on the fun the children get and the education value, I highly recommend this board game.

Although the recommended age is for 5-9, 4 years old can start to play to grasp the concept of money and buying and selling things.

I love Orchard Toy's board games for children. They are very well-illustrated and well-made. It is also available in Amazon:

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