Friday 8 March 2013


Quiet Time with God: I AM Standing up for you!

Today’s post is a guest post by my friend Angela.

God came to Laban the Aramean in a dream of the night and said to him, "Be careful that you do not speak to Jacob either good or bad." Genesis 31:24

At work, we are always looking around for some backup towards the ‘mountain’ [靠山] behind us. At home, our parents are our ‘mountain’ who protects us from any harm.

Some of us, our ‘mountain’ is self-help. As Christians, we’ve got to know our ‘mountain’ is GOD - The Creator of the Universe who is willing to stand up for us. I picked out what God did for Jacob and Job.

·         God, personally appeared to Laban telling him “Be careful not to say anything to Jacob, either good or bad”. I see it as God’s warning to Laban. (Gen 31:24)

·          In Job’s case, the devil went for 2nd appeal, sought permission from God. God limits Satan, in this case HE did not allow Satan to destroy Job. (Job 2:6)

As always, God is in absolute control. HE is not limited by time. With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. (2 Peter 3:8)

He watches everything closely, examining everyone on earth (Psalm 11:4b). The Lord examines ­Everyone – The righteous and the wicked, Believers and Pre-believers.

I like today’s words in Living Life which says “What if God dealt with us the way we deal with those who hurt us? We would be in a pretty bad shape.”

Hmmm…I dare not think further.

Last week’s sermon entitled "Walking in Humility", Pastor Daniel Khong, Faith Community Baptist Church Singapore (FCBC) said, “If we walk in humility, anything we (God’s people) touch will become gold. If not, anything we touch will become charcoal.”

So if we are walking in ‘pain’, God has a purpose for it. An online article ‘Either He Planned It or He Permitted It’ states:

“Most of us would agree that life's trials can feel like a punishment. Major disruptions seem like they're meant to make us miserable. The truth is, God transforms us with each trial we experience. He is removing the "dross" or imperfections from us. Each time we survive a major ordeal, we grow stronger, wiser, more prepared for the next challenge. We are conquerors and overcomers with God's help.” – Van Walton

“Ordeals, hardships, distresses are permitted by God for our perfection. Either He permits them or He plans them. If God has intentionally laid out a troublesome path for us, He has a purpose.” – Van Walton

I pray that we will have a taste of God’s grace in your lives, so you can respond to others with a generous spirit. Walk humbly with God, for HE is with those who obey Him.

God bless you a great weekend ahead!

In His Love

About Angela

Angela is a good friend of mine who lives in Singapore. Determined to walk closely with God, her life is an encouragement and inspiration to me and many others in our Christian life. She shares regularly her refreshing insights into God's Word and the lessons she learns, which I would like to share with you. In our Christian walk, we do not walk alone. God walks with us and He sends many encouragers into our lives. May your hearts be touched by Angela's sharing and be encouraged too.

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