Sunday 3 March 2013


Hurray! I Have Found A Way to Keep Private Posts Private!

Hurray!!! I have found a way to keep private posts private and public posts public.

I chose to name the blog my name, because there is no other way to write than to be real and authentic. My blog is meant for two extreme ends of audience - the whole wide world and those who are my closest, but not people in-between.

In the begining it was totally unknown and didn't come up in Google search, which was great. But as it grows, it no longer goes just to the whole wide world, but more and more to my immediate community.

My thoughts flow much better, faster, sharper, systematic and organized when I blog... And as I blog, it is a way for me to clarify my own thoughts.

Apart from the Montessori activities and recipes, many of the posts I write I bear my heart and soul, and these posts are more meant for myself, my family and close friends... not that I have much to hide though.

Some of these posts are my life's reflection and my open letters to God.

Many of these posts are for my own personal electronic archiving.

Some of these posts are about the milestones in J's developments which I blog for myself to hold onto the memories rather than to boast as these posts may come across that way. I would have preferred to keep these posts private, but I was not able to separate such private posts from the public posts that I write.

Now I have found a way to keep all these private posts private, and I am elated :-)

If you see that it requires a password to read a post, it is because it is meant to be a private post.

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  1. Hi sister Elaine, I'm Fiona, I've been reading your blog since end of 2011 :) Your blog was my first inspiration for children activities at home. I've found lots of useful links from here. I love your blog because looks so organized well hehe.. By the way, may I know how to keep private posts private, as you have written above? or share the link I can read to? if you have time, please visit my "baby" blog at :) Thank you and God bless!


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