Saturday 13 April 2013


Montessori Acitivity: Measure & Draw Lines with Ruler

Age: From 4 years old

Activity Duration: 5 - 10 minutes

1. To provide a systematic way of learning to draw straight line.
2. To provide opportunity for practising pencil grip.

1. 1 ruler
2. 1 pencil or pen
3. A few strips of paper
4. 1 tray

1. Show your child how to measure an equal space between 2 lines and draw a line with a ruler.

2. Encourage your child to try.

Video Demonstration:

Here is a video demonstration of line drawing:

Additional Information:
I was preparing strips of paper with lines for cutting activity and J was very eager to draw the lines with the ruler. We turned it into a Montessori style line-drawing activity. J (4Y1M8) could do it rather well. He could now hlep me prepare the cutting activity by drawing the lines to be cut.

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