Tuesday 9 April 2013


Montessori Activity: Story-Telling From A Suitcase

Age: From 3 years old

1. To cultivate reading habit

1. 1 story book: Little Red Riding Hood
2. Puppets (Little Red Riding Hood, Granny, Wolf, Hunter)
3. 1 small suitcase

1. Read the story-book to your child with the puppets.
2. Encourage your child to "read" the book and tell a story using the book.

Additional Information:
I learned this activity from J's kindergarten. J (4Y1M4D) brought home a suitcase with the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood. He was so excited and wanted Daddy to read to him yesterday evening, but we did not have the chance. This morning, he took the suitcase and took out the book. Then he started telling the story by looking at the picture. Here is a video of J telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood, which he learned from his kindergarten, thanks to his kindergarten's teachers :-)He told the whole story 3 times. I recorded it on the video on the third time.

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