Wednesday 3 April 2013


Some Good Christian Children's Songs and CDs

I have been wanting to find fun and christian songs in a CD for children, but so often they had been disappointments. I have bought some from Amazon and some from Singapore, but I haven't quite like them. The singing in the CDs often sound aweful, kinda tacky and give me goosebumps (after spending so much money!). So I was really happy when I bought this book and CD called "100 Prayers God Loves to Hear" and listened to them. The children's singing in the CD was delightful and tastefully done.

And J loves it too. He will turn the page to each devotion page that accompanies each song, and dance with it. He will point his fingers to the text and try really hard to read them. This evening, we listened to the CD, and danced together. It was really nice that as J grows older, more and more, J and I can sing praises to God together, mother and son :-) J loves singing now, and he begins to sing along, actually singing the words. So that was a development and one that is very joyous to see :-) We still pray that one day, Daddy too, would truly praise God together with us. This has been J's bedtime prayer.

The disadvantage is that it does not come with lyrics, which is quite a disappointment. However, the style and melody of singing from the CD appeals to me, and so I will live with it. I will try to write down the lyrics myself one of these days.

Here are some informative reviews from Amazon:

"Each page has a 1-3 sentence story, a prayer that goes with the story, a Bible verse that goes along with them, AND in the corner is a notation of the recommended song to go along. The book includes 2 CDs with 50 songs each, so the notation not only gives the title, but indicates which disk and which track carries this particular song. These songs are a combination of familiar and new praise songs, and are easy for children to follow and learn."

"The kids loved this book! I enjoyed that it has 100 different prayers/songs to use in prayer. Rejoice! ; This book rocked because it had age appropriate praise. Some children may be in the preteen category and don't/cant relate to praise written for adults. The illustrations were also beautiful. "

I bought this book and CD from Tecman Christian Bookstore in Singapore, but it is also available from Amazon:

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