Tuesday 2 April 2013


Montessori Activity: Teen Bead Stair

Age: From 4 years old

Activity Duration: 30 minutes

1. To teach counting and number recognition

1. Colored Bead Stair
2. 1 ten-bar
3. 1 worksheet
4. Color markers
5. 2 felt cloths

1. Place the Bead Stair in order on a felt cloth to the left of the worksheet.

2. Place the 10-bar on the felt cloth to the right of the worksheet.

3. Say: "10+1 gives you 11" and place the red bead on the second felt cloth to the right side of the 10-bar.

4. Invite your child to count the beads starting with the 10-bar "1,2,3,4,5...10" and end with the red bead as "11".

5. Encourage your child to color the red bead on the worksheet with red color marker.

6. Encourage your child to trace or write the number 11 on the worksheet and say: "1 and 1 form 11 (describing how numeral 11 is written)".

7. Encourage your child to count the bead he has colored on the worksheet.

8. Remove the red bead and return to a box or bag.

9. Invite the child to proceed onto the next bead (green beads) and repeat the exercise until the entire worksheet is colored.

Additional Information:
J (4Y0M29D) tried this today. At 4 years old, he is much more matured and sensible now, and could complete the worksheet at one go - counting, colouring and tracing the numbers. It took us 30 minutes today. He is also more motivated to trace the number. He tried very hard to write the number, without tracing them, but he could not. He is also a lot of settled down as he counted the beads. It had been a good session. But not every day is like that. There are ups and downs.

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