Thursday 15 August 2013


Keeping Fit


One of the most wonderful things now that J could bike is that we can jog to keep pace with him, while he bikes.

As parents, we need to model for our children. Besides modelling for character, it goes for healthy living too - good eating habits and keeping fit (ok, I confess that I hide the chocolate from J when I am eating them). And I hope we can do my best. This is not an area that we do well in, compared to my sisters and brothers-in-law, who are all doing long marathon almost on a daily basis! I can't find such time (nor interest), since I am spending a lot of my time home-schooling J. But a simple jogging, that I can do.

It is a wonderful summer in Denmark - the sun is shinning, the temperature is perfect. Jogging is easy. It will be tough during winter. So I better do it.

We find time to jog. I jog when I bring J to his kindergarten on Fridays. We jog in the evening when we bring J out for biking.

Oh, what wonderful summer for outdoor activities! I just wish it will last forever!

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