Friday 22 November 2013


J Summary (4Y8M17D) - Completed Hundred Board for the First Time

J usually does not have the stamina to go beyond doing 20 for the Hundred Board. I had put it away for sometime. Today, I re-introduced it. J was very willing to select it and we went on to complete the exercise from 1 - 100 for the first time. I commended him for his perseverance and staying power. I think that is more important in life than intelligence.

J's appetite for School Time is gettting bigger and as a result, our School Time is getting longer. It can start from 6.30 - 8.30pm or even 6 - 9pm. As a result, J is going to bed a wee bit too late at 9pm. This means that he is not able to wake up the following morning. This also means that I have less personal time to unwind at the end of the day. We are trying to pull it up earlier, but it will be a challenge for the School Time.

I wondered why we took so long. So I started keeping a log and it showed that on average it takes us 30 minutes for each subject. We do 30 minutes each for Chinese, English, Maths and Reading. And it can take up another 30 minutes to watch youtube videos.

So although I am now going part-time, I am very busy with homeschooling J, fetching him to different activities, organizing play dates and also trying to carve out time for myself and Florian. Thus, still, the only problem I have is time. Shall I spend 3-4 hours a day homeschooling J? It gives great fulfillment to see J's interest in learning, although it is a big sacrifice of my time.

During School Time, when J has a question how certain things work, I will consult youtube. Yesterday, we watched several different clips of how silk is made, the life of a silk worm, how caterpilla transforms into a butterfly. The videos provide a powerful means to illustrate all these knowledge in a mind captivating way.

Now that I go part-time, I have more time for School Time. It feels like I am treading towards the path more characteristics of homeschooling.

21.11.2013 - Playdate with Sebastien

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