Saturday 30 November 2013


Montessori Acitivity: Constructive Triangles - Large Hexagonal Box

Age: From 4 years old


1. To show the child how different triangles can create 4-sided shapes.

2. To prepare the child for geometry.


1. The Montessori Large Hexagonal Box
2. 1 mat


1. Show where the large hexagonal (六边形) box is kept and bring it to the mat.

2. Place the triangles randomly on the mat.

3. Take the 2 red triangles and create a rhombus (菱形 língxíng) by matching the black lines.

4. Take the 2 gray triangles and create a parallelogram (平行四边形) by matching the black lines.

5. Take the 4 yellow triangles create a hexagon as shown in the picture.

6. Fold each of the outside 3 yellow triangles inwards to form an equilateral (等边三角形) triangle.

7. Unfold the 3 yellow triangles back to the hexagonal shape.

8. Name the shapes created one by one.

9. Encourage your child to try.

Video Demonstration:


As you go along, say the name of the shapes formed.


Basic Montessori Learning Activities for Under-Fives by David Gettman

You can find the Montessori rectangular box from amazon:


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