Monday 14 July 2014


J Summary (5Y4M9D) - Off-the-Record... Is God Male or Female?

On the way to the kindergarten today, Joshie asked if Jesus is a man or a woman and if God is a man or a woman. Joshie said, "Jesus is a man, right. What about God?"

Hmmm.... I have never really thought so much about of the gender of God. God is just God to me.

So I tried explained that I suppose God is male, since the Bible calls God "Him", which is the masculine version of the personal pronoun (but I didn't try to explain what masculine and personal pronoun means).

To which Joshie replied, "Yes of course, because man is stronger than woman. And thus God must be a man!!! I am stronger than you, Mommy."

Mommy: "@!!!@@@???"

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