Saturday 12 July 2014


Montessori Activity: Ten Board & Beads (Presentation 3)

AGE: From 4.5 years old (After the child has worked with the teen and the golden bead material for the 45 layout)


1.     To help the child discover that numerals 1 to 9 added to larger numerals can make a variety of numbers.

2.     To teach sequence, the numbers from 11 to 99.


1.     1 set of Ten Board

2.     1 set of unit cards with numerals 1 - 9

3.     1 container with 45 golden ten-bars

4.     1 container with 10 or 45 golden unit beads.

1.     Place a unit bead to the right of the Unit Tile 1 and say: “1.”

2.     Add another unit bead and place both to the right of the Tile 2 and say: “2.”

3.     Add another unit bead and place all three next to Tile 3 and say: “3.” Continue up to “9”.

4.     Add another unit bead, but say: “10 units are the same as one ten.” And exchange them for a ten-bar.

5.     Place the ten-bar to the right of the top “10” section on the board and say: “Ten.”

6.     Add a unit bead to the ten-bar, slide the Tile 1 over the zero and say: “This is eleven.”

7.     Add another unit bead to the unit bead and ten-bar, remove Tile 1 and slide in Tile 2 and say: “Twelve.”

8.   Continue to add one bead at a time, using the appropriate tile to form the number on the board and say the number’s name.

9.   Whenever you add the tenth unit bead, exchange the beads for a ten-bar and slide the bars down to the right of the next section on the board.

10.  Encourage the child to complete with the remaining numbers in your presence in the same manner counting all the way to 99.


The number of beads, correct amounts will use up all 45 of the ten bars and unit beads.


1.     Learning the number of different combinations that can be made from combining these materials.

2.     Seeing the ten beads on a bead bar and the single units.

3.     The unit beads in the little container.

4.     Watching the quantity of golden bead bars grow from 1 to 9.

5.     Seeing the relationship between the 45 layout and the ten board.


1.     Select numbers and ask the child to provide the quantity

2.     Select quantities and ask the child to provide the correct symbols.

Although this activity is recommended for children 4.5 years and up, J tried this only for the first time today at 5+ years old (5Y4M7D). We recorded the videos below for memory. He could say the numbers in Chinese very well now, but we are still practicing saying the numbers in English and Danish.


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