Saturday 12 July 2014


Montessori Activity: Ten Board & Beads (Presentation 1)

AGE: From 4.5 years old (After the child has worked with the teen and the golden bead material for the 9 layout)

OBJECTIVE(S): To teach number sequence 10 to 90.


1.     1 set of Ten Board

2.     1 container with 9 golden ten-bars


1.     Lay out the Ten Board vertically on the left of the mat and say: “This is the Ten Board.”

2.     Read all the numbers on the board: “ten, twenty, thirty, forty… ninety.”

3.     Read the number 10 on the board, then place 1 ten-bar beside it and count it. Pointing to the board and say: “This says 10,” then pointing to the ten-bar and say: “This is 10.”

4.     Read the number 20 on the board, then add another ten-bar and place both beside number 20 and count ten-bars: “10, 20.” Pointing to the board and say: “This says 20,” then pointing to the ten-bars and say: “This is 20.”

5.     Read the number 30 on the board, then add another ten-bar and place all three beside the number 30 and count the ten-bars: “10, 20, 30.” Pointing to the board and say: “This says 30,” then pointing to the ten-bars and say: “This is 30.”

6.     Continue in the same manner until 90.

7.     Go back to the beginning of the board and repeat: “Ten, twenty, thirty, forty… ninety.” Tell the child that the “ty” tells you that there is a ten in a number. “Forty tells us that there are 4 tens.”

8.     Do the Three Period Lesson. Go back to the twenty and ask the child: "What is this?" or "How many tens in this?" The child will respond "two tens" or “twenty."

The number of beads, correct amounts will use up all 9 of the ten bars.

Seeing the relationship between The 9 Layout and the Ten Board.


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