Sunday 28 December 2014


Easy Homemade Tomato Soup

Serves 6

1. 1 pack of cherry tomatoes (500 g)
2. 1 large onion quartered
3. 2 cloves garlic peeled
4. 1 slice ginger minced with skin on
5. 1 TBS olive oil
6. 1 carrot chopped coarse (optional)
7. 500 ml water
8. 2 tsp salt
9. 1 TBS red lentils (not more than this, as it will make the soup too thick)

11. A few basil leaves for garnish (optional)
12. Serve with a dash of greek yogurt, cream or creme fraîche (optional)

1. Add all the ingredients into the Philips soupmaker.
2. Close the lid and choose the cream soup setting.
3. The soupmaker will beep in 23 minutes and the soup would be done :-)

1. You can add a dash of olive oil and roasted onions as garnish.

Additional Information:
I have to say, this is a magic cooker. It is truly amazing. I love soup and my Mr. FECS gave this Philips Viva Collection Soupmaker to me for Christmas and I love it.

After a week of feasting at Christmas, we have been making soup everyday. It is amazing how tasty the soup turned out, considering how simple and basic the recipe is, and healthy too. There is no meat, no oil, just the vegetables, salt and pepper. I was a little sceptical initially, but decided to follow the recipe. And I was sold at the turn out. Even our Little FECS loves the soup, and my Mr. FECS too. We did not even add the garnishes and I did not even cook the soup with chicken stock. I reduce the sugar from the original 1 TBS to 1/2 TBS. If your tomatoes are super sweet during summer time, you can even skip the sugar all together. The taste and sweetness is purely from the vegetables. I have tried many of the other recipes - sweet corn, broccoli, carrot and chicken soup, and they all taste equally good.

The secret I think, as I study the recipe, lies in the proportion of vegetables and water - all the recipe is the same - 1 part vegetable and 1 part water.

It makes approx. 1.2 litre of soup, enough to serve 4. Initially I thought it seems a little on the small side, but I was wrong. It was enough for all of us.

And the best thing is, it is a tasty and effortless way for us to squeeze in all the vegetables and its vitamins into our diet. Our Little FECS does not like tomatoes at all. But he finished all his bowl of tomato soup and asked for more :-)

You can also use this tomato soup as a base for other dishes such as braised beef.

The Philips model is not available in Amazon, but something similar of a different brand is available:

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