Sunday 28 December 2014


Time Spent on Homework & Its Correlation with PISA Results

Recently I read an article about how much time a week the Singaporean kids spend on doing homework:

If students spends 2 hours a day on homework, Monday to Friday, for 5 days it makes up to 10 hours a week, and they are free on weekends. This doesn't sound too excessive to me.

There are 168 hours a week, and 10 hours make up only 5.9% of it. If kids have a healthy amount of unstructured play time in a week too, why shouldn't they devote 6% of their time on homework? And besides homework can be fun and part of play too :-)

Too often the opposite is also true: children spend their days as if they are having 24 days of Advent Christmas everyday.

All work and no play makes Wei a dull boy. All play and no work makes Lars a dumb boy. The key here is balance.

I think the average 9.4 hours spent by students in Singapore is actually underestimated, as many receive tuitions on weekends as well.

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