Friday 1 May 2015


J Summary (6Y1M26D) - Making Different Combinations of 10 with Colored Bead Stair

1 May 2015 (6Y1M26D): Making combinations of 10 with colored bead stair

Our Little FECS requested to work on making combinations of 10 with colored bead stair today. It was exactly 1 year since we first worked on this. What a difference 1 year made. He has matured a lot since. This time round, he really had a lot of fun. He is older and more independent, and he thought up many different combinations himself. It took very long, and it was way past bedtime at 9pm. He had completed 29 different combination and the rest tomorrow. So we agreed that he would continue tomorrow.

For lesson plan, please click here.

The 29 combinations that J made... it was time to sleep... so he will continue the following day...

We ran out of the unit colored bead stairs, so we used the unit golden beads and the green unit division beads as well.

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