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Lyngby Baptist Scout Group (Lyngby Baptistspejder)

6.5.2015 (6Y2M1D) - They started by gathering in a circle - such bond of unity smile emoticon

We tried out another Scout group today called Lyngby Baptistspejder. This is a small group - 6 boys and 1 girl. It is mostly boys, compared with FDF Scout group, which are mostly girls. This is the 6-9 years old group.

There are 3 leaders, who are very competent, friendly and caring. This is the first Scout group that started by singing the Scout song. This is also the first Scout group which introduced everyone's name to us, and played the name game. This is also the first Scout group which ended by singing the scout song.

The children are extremely wonderful too - very welcoming. Several of the boys came up to our Little FECS and striked a conversation with him. One of them even came on his own initiative to help J how to tie a knot.

Today, they learned to tie a knot, make a fire and make food over the fire. Each and every kid got a turn to try making a fire, by lighting a match-stick. Each and every kid also got to learn to cut banana.

This is also the first scout group that went through the program of the day with the kids. All in all very professional, fun and educational. The pastor was there too :-)

They state in their website that it is an alcohol-free Scout group.

Practical Information:

- Lyngby Baptistspejder
- Christian-based - affiliated to Lyngby Baptistkirke
- Meets every Wednesday from 6-7.30pm at Odinsvej 1, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby
- 350 kr/half year - Cheapest in terms of fee
- Contact: Anne-Mette Email:

- Cheapest in terms of fee
- Near Engelsborgskolen
- More boys
- Kids of J's age
- Very sweet, competent and experienced leaders
- Teach the kids how to make fire, rather than just making the fire for them
- photos -

- Does not have their own canoes and does not have a garden that leads directly to the lake
- From where we live, a little further away compared to FDF Kg. Lyngby Scout Group
- Starts 30 mins later than FDF Kg. Lyngby Scout Group


Odinsvej 1, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby,+2800+Kongens+Lyngby/@55.768669,12.4953736,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x46524e3ffe518ebf:0x3559211c32b68aef

Links to their websites:

Scout uniform:

They sat down and introduced themselves to us - the first scout group that did that during our visit smile emoticon They played a name game to help everyone remember our names smile emoticon

One of the leaders went through the program for the day... very professional and organised:

1) Tie knot
2) Make Fire
3) Make food
4) Play

This boy Bertram moved over on his own initiative and showed J how to tie knot - such a young boy, but showed such leadership, care, concern and empathy for others, especially the newcomers... such powerful role model for J smile emoticon

Next they learned how to make a fire with the adult leaders... and this Scout Association has the most number of experienced adult leaders compared to the ones we have visited smile emoticon

They took the time to teach each and every kid how to make a fire, the only Scout group which did that. The other Scout group just made the fire for the kids.

Here J was so excited to light the fire for the first time, and he actually managed to create a fire, although 2 other kids before him had tried smile emoticon

Lots of patience from the leader smile emoticon

Each step of the way, it is explained to the kids... wow... I was impressed smile emoticon

Chopping woods just like the way I read in story books as a child... I never tried such things in Singapore!!!

The kids preparing to grill banana with chocolates... and each kid got to learn how to cut the banana himself, a Montessori activity smile emoticon

The leader demonstrating while the kids looked on...

Joshua having a blast of the time slitting the banana smile emoticon

Here the leader personally taught Joshua how to cut the banana smile emoticon

Joshua having a blast of the time slitting the banana smile emoticon

They carved each of the child's initial on the banana...

Here J was having his initial carved smile emoticon

J is for Jxxxxx smile emoticon

Time to place the banana on the fire smile emoticon

The kids playing and having fun smile emoticon

Sunshine after rain, we saw the rainbow smile emoticon

The leader explained to the kids how rainbow is formed...

This is the Lyngby Baptist Church where the activities took place smile emoticon

There are parking lots for parents who drive their children there smile emoticon

The kids come from North Zealand... from Værløse, Søborg... etc. everywhere, not just from Lyngby smile emoticon

A close-up of the rainbow smile emoticon

The bananas were ready to be eaten smile emoticon

J tucking in heartily smile emoticon

The boys dancing and jumping in the rain... just like our carefree childhood days of time not too long emoticon

Two of the children living across the street saw what we were doing, and they joined us smile emoticon

They are 6 years old too and they enjoyed the grilled bananas smile emoticon

This is the Danish pastor of the church, Rikke. She is a very sweet and caring lady smile emoticon

Timing how long Bertram could hang on the wooden pole... press on Bertram smile emoticon

A total of 29 seconds... well-done Bertram smile emoticon

Oscar would like to try too smile emoticon

Time to say goodbye... they are singing the Scout goodbye song... and it is from the Bible smile emoticon

Can you spot our Little FECS smile emoticon ?

Thank you for a fun-filled evening. The children learned so much, while having fun too. J told me that he liked this Scout group best smile emoticon

17 June 2015 (6Y3M12D)

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