Wednesday 12 August 2015


J Summary (6Y5M7D) - J's First Day of School

We started the morning as usual with his Chinese spelling revision... I spent the time sharpening all his color pencils and writing his name on each of them. J was looking appreciatively at me. He seemed to know that mommy did all these because she loves him. I pack his new school bag. I wanted to put a note into his lunchbox, but couldn't find my stack of cards. Finally I found one. J was laughing and being very patience, even though Daddy FECS couldn't wait anymore to get out of the door, as all else, we risked going to school late.

J also was extra sweet during the Chinese revision. He was doing his best, unlike some days, when he would be whining a lot about Chinese spelling. We did not manage to practise the piano, before we left.

I took a day off, but was requested to go back to attend a meeting the day before. I decided not to, and did not regret my decision. It was such a memorable day, and I wanted very much to spend with J. This day would never come back, and nothing can replace it. 

The school started at 10am and ended early at 12pm. The principal gave a moving speech. He talked about how fast our kids are growing up. In primary school, we parents will see less of them, than when they were in their early years from 0-6 years old. I was all the more glad about my decision not to go back to the office. 

Thereafter, the teachers sang a song with the kids, while one of the teachers played the guitar. Thereafter, the principal read a book to the children. After that, as part of the school tradition, each kid came up to shake hand with the principal and was given a stalk of white rose and a set of school sweater. Then the kids went with their teachers to the classroom. Parents were asked to leave. There were coffee and tea at the courtyard, for those parents who wanted to mingle. We stayed on there. Daddy FECS went off to work, and I stayed. Thereafter the school ended, and I waited outside the class on the grass to receive J. He was very happy to see me and ran to me.

After school, J and I went to have a cup of ice-cream yogurt to celebrate, while Daddy FECS went to work. I saw the text book he got and the work he done in class. We also did his first homework together at the yogurt place, so that he would be free for the rest of the day. 

After that, we went home to put his school bag down, while I changed out of my dress into jeans and snickers. We went into Chinatown to buy the ingredients to make moon cakes, which was his request.

When we got home, it was already 3pm. We started making the moon cakes... making the lotus paste, etc. It took us so long, that we did not manage to make dinner. Daddy FECS came home and made us beef steaks for dinner. After dinner, we continued for a while with making the moon cakes. J went to bed, and he asked me to bake it so that he could see it tomorrow morning. I was glad that he did not insist on finishing it himself.

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