Thursday 20 August 2015


J's Lunch Box - Carrot Flowers

Clockwise from left: Tomato and edamame, black bean pasta drizzled with olive oil and salt, and garnished with carrot and cucumber, rye bread spread with hazelnut and peanut butter, mixed goji berries and pecan nut, apple decorated with blue-berries, raisins, pumpkin seed and goji berry, rye bread spread with honey and sprinkled with pork floss (not seen lower layer), orange and strawberries.

Additional Information:
I received praise from J's primary school teacher on Tuesday and today for the lunch box I have made for J. They liked in particular the raspberries snack I have packed for J. Thus, it has inspired me to make pay more attention to making his lunchbox.

I used to laugh at the Japanese, but I am finding myself trying to make cute-looking lunchbox, by arranging the vegetables and fruit more nicely. This I rationalize that it would be good for J, so that he would pay more attention to pattern, which will help his Maths, as he eats his lunch box. Of course, it is a little too far-fetched, but I am trying to justify with some practical reasons, why I should spend time making the lunch box more beautiful, as I used to laugh at the Japanese for wasting precious time. Hmmm... now it seems like I have to start eating my words.

Another reason I am now more motivated to do so, is that I feel that I am making memories with J. I hope that he would grew up remembering the lunch boxes I have made for him. 

Lastly, it can sometimes be fun to spice up the lunch boxes, though I am not very sure how long this wave would last this time round :-)

Here is a close-up of the black bean spaghetti:

You can get the black bean spaghetti from IRMA supermarket:

I also found the edamame and mung bean spaghetti from the "Spot Vare" section of Netto today, which I will use to make J's lunch box for next week:

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