Sunday 17 March 2019


Homemade Healthy Strawberry Soda

Makes 1 500 ml bottle

1. 3 large strawberries
2. 500 ml sparkling water
3. 4 TBS honey

1. Blend strawberries and strain off the pulp to get the juice.
2. Microwave the honey to melt and liquidify it.
3. Add strawberry juice into a bottle.
4. Add sparkling water.
5. Add honey for sweetening.

Video Demonstration:

Personal Journal:
Little FECS requested for this. He wanted to make for his class combined birthday party in March. So we watched a Youtube video and tried it out today. He was very excited and happy for it.


 Blend, strain off pulp and pour strawberry juice into a glass bottle

Add sparkling water

Add honey syrup to taste

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