Sunday 16 June 2019


Pair Salmon & Milk for a Meal - Vitamin D & Calcium

Sorry about the half eaten food

Usually fish is eaten along with white wine. However, alcohol actually hinders the absorption of calcium and vitamin D. Thus it is a bad idea. According to WebMD:

"Since the body needs Vitamin D to absorb calcium, it is important to pair salmon and milk together in a meal. Ok, it sounds childish, boring and unsophisticated to pair it with milk, instead of white wine, but it is the wisest to do so."

This post is just for our family to remember that when we have salmon for dinner, we should drink milk as our beverage.

It may not look so cool and sophisticated to eat fish with a glass of milk, instead of wine, almost to being like a baby and its milk again, but that will be our family's choice :-)


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