Sunday 9 June 2019


The Vintage Train Ride - Veterantoget

Baby FECS requested to take train rides. When our Little FECS was small, we brought him for a vintage train ride. Now it's Baby FECS' turn.

The vintage train only runs during special events. It is the Danish public holidays - Pentecost and we had a few days off. Thus, we decided to take the vintage train ride with Baby FECS. The event this time round was called "Veterantræff" meaning all things vintage. 

This was the entrance/exit to/of the vintage fair:

It is a fun fair with an exhibition of vintage cars, vintage trucks, vintage buses, vintage engines.

There were also stalls selling tools to maintain these vintage machines. 

There were also volunteers dressing up in traditional European clothes. 

There were also scenes from the wild wild west from volunteers

There was even a stall, where you can get your hair styled up like the old Victorian era for a fee. 

There are also some amusement rides, farm animals for the kids and a military display of planes and tanks. But the amusement rides weren't cheap - 30 DKK per rider for kid and it had to be purchased at the central stall in the fair.

There was also a flea market. We bought some toys for the kids and a pair of rain boots for Baby FECS. Thus, it is a mixture of everything. 

Below is the map to the vintage fair this summer 2019:

Here is the link to more information on the vintage fair 2019:

The tickets to the vintage fair cost 100 DKK for a day ticket for an adult. The vintage train ride was included in the entrance ticket to the vintage fair. Kids under the age of 14 is free. It is best to buy tickets online, as the queue to buy tickets over at the fair was enormous. There was a separate line for those who hold online tickets, and there wasn't any queue there. Here is the link to the online ticket sale:

The vintage train journey starts inside the compound of the vintage fair. Thus, even if you only would like to take the vintage train and didn't wish to go to the vintage fair, it will still be the same price. The vintage train was located all the way at the other end from the entrance of the fair.

The vintage train rides was unlimited, and you could go as many times as you want. The train ride start at the stop within the vintage fair compound and went to Græsted, Mårum and return back again to the stop inside the vintage fair compound. The whole trip took approx. 40 minutes.

There is a connection train from Hillerød station to the station within the vintage fair compound called Græsted station. It cost 20 DKK, but children under 3 travel for free. Since we drove to the vintage fair compound at Græsted, we didn't take this connection train. 

The address of the fair that we drove to was:

Holtvej 40 3230 Bræsted 

Parking was free and there was no problem finding parking - lots of space. Use road Holtvej 67 to enter the parking place.

There is a train time-table, which you can check from the vintage train website

9 June 2019 (3Y23D): BAby FECS beside the vintage train

There is a special wagon where you can have a sit down meal. They serve some basics such as some Danish open sandwiches, cakes, coffee, tea and soda. 

The waitresses/waiters were dressed in olden days attire. 

We had some Danish open sandwich and a sweet pastry.

You will be entertained, while you dine onboard the vintage train too

It was a three day fair from 8-10 June 2019. 3-day ticket cost 20 DKK per person. There were also camping place for caravan.

The link below brings you to the latest arrangements of the vintage train ride:

It was a wonderful day, lovely weather, and Daddy FECS likes to look at vintage cars. So we had a wonderful time together as a family.

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