Wednesday 5 June 2019


Strawberry Milk with Oats

Serves 3

1. 2 cup (500 ml) skimmed fresh milk 0.1 % fat
2. 1/4 cup rolled oats
3. 1/4 tsp vanilla powder
4. 1 tsp flax seeds ground
6. 10 frozen strawberries
5. 1/8 cup or 4 TBS chopped almonds
7. 6 dried dates pitted
8. 1 tsp hazelnut butter (optional)

Blend all ingredients in the order listed above in a blender and blend until smooth.

Additional Information:
This is a favorite of Baby FECS, and so is mine. When Baby FECS refuses to eat breakfast, it is a good way to sneak some hidden oats into her diet, so that she can go to kindergarten, without feeling hungry and with the energy from the oats to power her. She is always willing to drink strawberry milk, as she likes the pink color of the beverage.

I highly recommend adding vanilla powder, as it enhances the strawberry milk and make it more aromatic.

If it's not easy for you to get vanilla powder, you can add vanilla sugar instead. If you do so, just omit the dates.

This is the organic vanilla powder I use

I sometimes also like to add in hazelnut butter, if I crave a nutty richness. Sometimes I add 1/8 cup (30 g) chopped almonds in too.

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