Wednesday 26 May 2021


Diary of a Stay-At-Home-Mom: Much Ado About Nothing About Chocolate Chip Cookies...

At first everyone in the family were so thrilled that I actually bother to bake them cookies that are, ahem, decent enough to be eaten!! I tend to bake things too healthy ;-P They walloped them all up. 

In search of the most chewy chocolate chip cookies, our Little FECS is too happy to sample them for me...

Then I baked and I baked and I baked... this batch with less sugar, that batch with more brown sugar, this batch with melted butter, that batch with softened butter, this batch with olive oil, that batch of 7 minutes bake time, 10 minutes bake time, refrigerated dough, etc etc... 

Finally our Little FECS ran away when I asked him to try yet another sample (Baby FECS volunteered to take over Little FECS' task, but I didn’t allow her of course. This sweet tooth would finish them all up!)

And I am still not done with finding the perfect recipe that produces the perfectly chewy cookies yet!!!

The quest continue... I am a ONE determined mom...

Too much of a good thing for our kids I guess to have to put up with a full-time mom like me.

Who’s having all the fun? 

Guess it’s me no doubt 😊

When I hear friends lamenting on their fate of being a full-time mom... and missing the career they left behind.... I thought I might have the same problem, but I didn’t.

The grass is not always greener on the other side. My grass is the greenest now... and it’s not going to last forever. I better enjoy the moment while it lasts...

It’s bought with a price which I am keenly aware of and am grateful for. Thank you Daddy FECS for working so hard to allow me to have all the fun at home. Life can’t be any better. 

I am going back to all my home projects now... and man, there are many!!! 

Talking about home projects, the latest I have completed is a 14-year trend analysis of the grades of primary schools in Copenhagen for Baby FECS. That said, analyzing over 14 years still didn’t give me a clear picture of which school to send her to... oh ya... the paralysis of analysis. 

Should I follow my heart or should I follow my head? 

Maybe adding the 15th year from this year’s result will finally provide the final tilt to a clear decision.

Daddy FECS suggested why don’t I try to code it with Python to make my graphs dynamic, and my model more versatile, so that it’s easier for this perfectionist mom to find the perfect school for her daughter!!! Okie okie I got the Danish humor here. Hmmm... but maybe I would try coding it in Python after all.

Alas the perfect school doesn’t exist in Denmark or here on this earth... Singapore comes close, but we don’t live in Singapore, right!!!  (ok, I am bias!!!) 

The perfect school exists only in heaven I guess, and thus my dilemma... 

Okie, so much ado about nothing about my chewy cookie quest and my perfect school quest... I have yet to accomplish any of them yet...

Maybe the perfect chewy chocolate chip cookies recipe doesn’t exist. If you have found it, please share 😊

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