Saturday 15 May 2021


Memory from C's Five Years Old Birthday


I can't believe it, Baby FECS has turned 5 years old!!! In our eyes, she is still our Baby FECS.

Due to COVID-19, we celebrated her birthday over a few rounds. We first celebrated her birthday at the Chinese class on Tuesday 11 May 2021:

The preschool celebrated her birthday the Montessori way in Mandarin

I made the cupcakes for her preschool Wednesday 12 May 2021:

Not a fabulous cake-baker, I only completed the cupcakes at 2 am the night before!!!

Taking the birthday cupcakes to preschool

I placed the unicorn stick on each cupcakes at the car boot after we arrived at the preschool

The preschool celebrated her birthday the Montessori way in English

We celebrated Baby FECS' last day of being a 4 years old on Saturday 15 May 2021:

We celebrated with birthday homemade birthday buns on Sunday morning 16 May 2021, which was the actual day:

I picked up the cake at 12.15pm

In the morning, we decorated the living room for the party. Due to COVID-19, we only invited two guests

We invited grandparents for dinner:

We re-used the cake :-)

Baby FECS had a lovely day and a busy and wonderful full week of celebration !!!

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