Friday 2 July 2010


Fromage Frais/清爽干酪[qīng shuǎng gān lào]

Fromage frais is light and refreshing. It is available in 0.2% fat. It is a delicious and healthy alternative to whipping cream.

1. Use in place of cream in dessert

2. Use in place of mayonnaise in potato, tuna, chicken or egg salad

3. As a topping for jacket potatoes with a few snipped chives

Additional Information:

One of the recipe calls for fromage frais. What is fromage frais? Some of you may know it, but Idon't and have not tried it before. I know that it is something French. After being in Europe for 9 years, I am slowly discovering many interesting and healthy food, which I have not noticed, until I took an interest in cooking. So I went to look it up on the internet.

It is low-fat light curd cheese. It has the consistency of a cream cheese but with fewer calories and less cholesterol. Fromage frais can be used as a healthy substitute for cream cheese and sour cream. It is similar to yoghurt, but without the latter's fermented quality and live bacteria. It is served either as a dessert, frequently with added fruit, or used in savory dishes with herbs and spices. It is often served with honey in restaurants, as fromage blanc au miel.

The best fromage frais is probably found in France, but I went racky in the Danish supermarket and found it there too. Apparently, the Danes use it quite a lot. I choose the 0.2% fat content, which is the lowest fat content available in Denmark.


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