Thursday 22 July 2010


Homemade Singaporean Chinese Mee-Pok (Traditional Version)/Singaporeaner-kinesisk Nudler/新加坡中式面条[Xīn jiā pō zhōng shì miàn tiáo]

- 2 cups white wheat flour
- 3 eggs
- 1 TBS olive oil
- 1pinch salt

1. Beat eggs with salt and olive oil.

2. Mix with flour until you get a stiff dough. It should not be sticky.

3. Knead well using hand or handmixer (10-15 minutes), and add a tablespoon of water at a time.

4. Flour your table top, tear off a portion of the dough (can divide into approx. 5-6 smaller doughs in total) and roll it out with a rolling pin until very very thin. As you roll, flour it, so that it won't stick to the surface.

5. Fold into 3-4 folds (and as you fold, flour it) and then cut into strips using a knife or scissors.

6. Unfold it and best to leave it to dry for an hour (if you can wait, I can’t!)

7. Bring a pan to boil (add a pinch of salt in the water if you wish) and add a handful of pasta into it and cook for 2 minutes.

8. Drain and serve :-)

Pasta can last a long time (1-2 weeks) if kept in a cool dry place or the fridge. You can freeze them in the freezer up to 2 months in ready-to use portions.

1. You can serve it with sesame oil, oyster sauce and chilli oil, as shown in this picture.

2. You can add it to soup and you have yourself a bowl of Chinese noodle soup :-)

Additional Comments:
Okie dokie... I have to admit it... I started also making the traditional Chinese noodles (mee-pok) made of white flour, instead of the modern healthier version made of wholewheat flour!!! However, it is still nutritious, as it is made with eggs :-)

When making the traditional Chinese noodles, you do not have to use water, because white flour is usually not as dry as whole wheat flour. But you can adjust with water if you need to.

I made this yesterday, after J has gone to bed and while Daddy was busy sorting out our holidays pictures... oh... I am having soooo fun, and making it this way once in a while would be fine. But if I wish to eat home-made noodles on a regular basis, it would not be the most efficient way, especially for a working mother. Although not difficult, it is very time-consuming... have to think of another efficient method...


Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron Pg. 335

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