Friday 28 January 2011


A call to go back to church... (Part 3)

As J gets older, it is harder to get J to nap early at 11am anymore. His usual napping time now starts at the earliest at 12pm, but usually at 1.30pm, which is right in the middle of our church service.

It is really not easy for families with babies or young children to go to church. But I have not forgotten my prayer to God that I will try my best to go to church.

I have tried to find another way to do so by changing J's music school and class from Saturday to Sunday morning at 10am. I tried it out last week, and thank God, it worked. After the stimulation and working out at the music class, he was tired out and fell asleep in the pram at 12pm. The music school is within walking distance to our church - i.e. 45 minutes walk. I will then just push the pram to church, while J sleeps.

This means that I have to wake up early by 6 am to get organized, get dressed, make his breakfast and his lunch pack. I still feel lonely and sad to go to church without my Superstar. God is one of the most intimate thing in my heart. It pains me that my Superstar could not share in this intimacy. But I have to go on alone even if it takes a lot of effort and energy on my part... even if it is a lonely path to travel on... I pray that one day to come when our whole family can go to church as serve... It may take many many years... and I may not have been the greatest Christian example outside and at home... but I can only do my best, and leave it to God to work on my Superstar's heart... when that day comes, it would be the happiest day in my life.... this is my prayer request... and as I walk with J to church.... I pray for my Superstar.

Here is a sample of J's revised schedule on Sundays (22 months). I don't always succeed in meeting such a perfect schedule, but it serves as a guide to make my day with J more productive:

6 or 6.30am: Mommy wakes up, get change and prepare J’s breakfast

7 – 7.15am: Breakfast – Super porridge with vegetables

7.15 – 7.30am: Helping mommy clean up – load dishes into the dish-washer/counter-top/sink

7.30 - 8am: Potty (training) time, wash and dress (change diaper)

8 – 8.20am: Learning time - reading with mom, reading on my lap

8.20 – 8.40am: Blanket time + egg timer near the stair case with a toy, board books, teaching how to stack blocks, shapes, colours, letters, etc.

8.40 – 8.55am: Getting ready to leave the house.

8.55 – 10am: Train and bus to music school.

10 – 10.45am: Music class

10.45 – 11.15am: Lunch

11.15 – 11.30am: Settle for nap

11.30 – 1.30pm: Nap (2 hrs) (mom walks to church.)

1 - 3pm: Church

3 – 4pm: Travel home or to farfar & farmor’s place

4 – 4.45pm: Creative time – play dough, drawing, painting or Video Time listening so to alphabet phonics (while mommy gets dinner ready)

4.45-5.30pm: Dinner with family or at Hellerup, load dirty dishes into the dish-washer/counter-top/sink

5.30 - 6pm: Family time – cuddling, tickling, somersault, wrestling, bungee jump, etc. in bed

6 – 6.30pm: Put dirty clothes into the laundry basket, Bath time with Dad

6.30 - 7pm: Bed time reading with Mom

7-7.15pm: In bed, prayer and lullaby

7.15-7.30pm: Settle to sleep

7.30pm: Sleep (10.5 hrs)

7.30pm. Couch time with my Significant Other

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