Tuesday 31 May 2011


Montessori Activity: Inserting Fanta Color Pegs

Age: From 2 years 3 months

Activity Duration: 5-15 minutes

Preparation Time: 3 minutes


1. To train the child’s fine motor skills.
2. To train the child's hand-to-eye coordination.


Fantacolour plastic pegs and pegboard


1. Show your child how to create beautiful mosaics by inserting the pegs into the pegboard.

2. Encourage your child to try.

3. Show your child how to undo by turning the pegboard over and pushing the pegs directly into the case.

4. Encourage your child to try.

Total Cost: 10 DKK (2.40 SGD) from the Flea market

Additional Information:

J tried this yesterday (2Y2M25D) and today. He enjoyed it very much. I actually wanted to wait until the weekend to introduce this toy, but he discovered this new toy on the shelf yesterday morning and pointed at it. As seen in the picture, J loves orange colour and he picked all the orange pegs for this activity.

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