Friday 21 September 2012


Montessori Activity: Hundred Board

Age: From 4 years old

Activity Duration: 15 - 30 minutes


1. To teach numeral 1 to 100 in a logical way.


1. 1 hundred board with number chips 1 - 100
2. 1 mat or tray


1. Bring out the hundred board.
2. Layout out the chips and category from left to right.
3. Find the numeral 1, say its name and put it on the upper left of corner square.
4. Find the numeral 2, say its name and put it on the right of the Chip 1 (You could ask child to help you find the numeral).
5. Continue with all the 100 chips and encourage child to work with you until whole chips are filled in.
6. When finished, put back the chips, and encourage your child try on his own another round (on the same day if he still has the stamina or another day)

Video Demonstration:


When child can do the work independently and correctly, have him write the numbers on squared paper of long row of paper from 1 to 100.


Bingo 40 DKK (7 USD) at Tiger.

Additional Information:

We played Bingo during Joshua's Chinese class on Saturday. The bigger kids serve as bankers in the game. I bought this Bingo set today, and Joshua wanted to try out being the banker. I was pleasantly surprised that he understood the concept of being the banker completely. But he could not recognize all the numerals to 100. So I convinced him to go "back to basics" to present him the "hundred board". We completed up to 30 this evening, before he lost concentration (and me too as I got tired of counting the chip one-by-one to 90!) Joshua could count up to 30, with a few errors in between, in fact, and loosely up to 99 (he understood the concept of the teens. So if I start him off with the tens, he could continue the teens). I have not started the tens and teens board yet, but this is an indication that Joshua is ready for it. I am still waiting for the shipment of Montessori materials to arrive. In fact they have arrived, but still clearing the Danish customs.

This Bingo set serves as the cheapo version of the Montessori Hundred Board made of card board, but it does the job at less than half the cost of the real Montessori materials. It is however only up to 90 instead of 100. The chips are round, instead of square. We own both this cheap version and the expensive Montessori version. Out of vanity, I just wanted to further test out Maria Montessori's hypothesis that tools for children have to be beautiful and attractive i.e. made of wood.

Verdict: Joshua is taking to this cardboard cheapo version well. Our real beautiful version has not arrived yet. I will update it this post after the experiment.

You can get the real version made of wood from Amazon:  

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