Saturday 27 April 2013


J Summary (4Y1M18D) - Language Development

J loves books. Daddy noticed some mornings, J would take out a book and sit on his own to "read" it, while waiting for Daddy to get ready to bring him to kindergarten. I had to thank my friend, for it, because she encouraged her daughter to have own time and read on her own. I think J got this idea from her. J is not reading the words in the book yet, but he is reading the pictures and trying to associate the story with the words.

During bedtime, Daddy read J a book meant for 8-10 years old, full of text, and not many pictures, which in my opinion was very boring and too difficult for J's age. But Daddy felt that J was ready. To my great surprise, J was very passionate about it, giving his full concentration and demonstrated a good grasp of the whole story, understanding everything and laughing at the right places. J could also follow Danish theatre, and enjoyed Danish theatre very much, since he was 2 years old (which was very unlike Daddy and I). His Danish is on par with his peers, and perhaps ahead in reading among boys his age. But that is not the case for Chinese and English, although he loves Chinese and English books as well, and is selecting a variety of them each evening. Following Daddy's success with the Danish books, I will try to increase the level of difficulty of the Chinese books that I am reading to J.

Because J's Danish is doing very well, the kindergarten teacher stopped providing Danish workshop to J, and gave the slot to weaker children. It is a pity for J, but we are happy with his Danish progress. So now, we will only have to rely on Daddy to continue to read Danish to him.

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