Wednesday 10 April 2013


Montessori Elementary Maths vs Singapore Maths

Here is an interesting post comparing Montessori Elementary Maths with Singapore Maths (equivalent to primary school in Singapore and grundskole in Denmark):

It would be good to have both elements for variety I think, a bit of Montessori for the concrete experience, but incorporating worksheet-based Singapore's Maths for the rigorousness it provides. And ultimately, it depends on the child's inclination and each family's need.

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  1. I was just telling a friend, I think Monte lays a very firm foundation for basic maths (Pre-school) but sadly, not so much for primary school & above level especially here in spore. For instance, monte work don't quite have activities involving mathematical word problem sums (correct me if I'm wrong), but in Spore, such questions are vital in our maths curriculum. That's one reason why i switched my 6 yr old to worksheets just to suit our local school but sadly, I can see he's love for learning isn't as passionate as when he was working on Monte. Quite a dilemma for me.


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