Thursday 13 November 2014


Donald Duck Comics

J LOVES Donald Duck comics in Danish since he was 4 years old. He could read it on his own in the morning and in the evening for half and hour or more. He could not read the word, but he understood the stories from looking at the pictures and he laughed a lot, when he read it.

I felt a little left out, since the comics is in Danish, and I wanted to share it with him in a language that I could participate. Thus, I am searching for the for Donald Duck comics in Chinese and English.

Donald Duck comic magazine is very popular in Denmark, and Daddy grew up reading it. And he passed this habit to J, for good or for bad.

At first, I was a little worried that he is attracted to comics and not more serious books. I was afraid that it would carnivorize the other good books, but Daddy said that there are very often also very good moral values behind the stories. It is better that he finds something that he likes to read that could inculcate hopefully the love for reading.

I found those below in English from Amazon:


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