Sunday 23 November 2014


J's Lunchbox

Top from left: Chinese fried rice with chicken, oyster mushroom, egg, cabbage, carrots and cucumber; red pepper bell and carrots; liver pate with roasted onion on rye bread; Crab salad with fish eggs on rye bread, blanched broccoli sprinkled with salt, Danish fish cake; cucumber; promenade; blueberries and a card on behalf of Florian away on business trip :-)

All packed into the luchbox ready for tomorrow :-)

Updates 24 Nov 2014:

When he came home, I asked him, whether he had a pleasant surprise and whether he liked the card.

J said, "Mommy, what is the card for? Is it because I have been a good boy? Can I exchange the card for a smiley and then for cash?"

Mommy: @@@@!!!!!!??? Our son's love language is definitely not words of encouragement.

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