Saturday 5 March 2016


J's 7 Years Old Birthday

Time flies... Our Little FECS has turned 7 with a blink of an eye...

4 March 2016: Celebrating with his classmates

4 March 2016: Celebrating with another birthday boy from his class, who has birthday a day earlier than J.

4 March 2016: The boys so excited at opening presents...

4 March 2016: Here comes the fireworks candle on the cake "Kagemand"

4 March 2016: J blowing candles in one go...

4 March 2016: Treasure hunt organized by the other birthday boy's sister and brother

5 March 2016: Celebrating his birthday with his Chinese class

5 March 2015: Movie with Mommy & Daddy at Fisketorvet... J's wish

5 March 2015: We watched Zootropolis - the movie chosen by J

5 March 2015: Steamboat dinner at "The Fatty Cow"

5 March 2015: Yogurt ice-cream to end the day

6 March 2015: Sleeping in the living room on birthday night and...

6 March 2015: waking up to his favorite story - Donald Duck

6 March 2015: Opening present from Mommy & Daddy... a drone that J wished for

6 March 2016: Celebrating birthday with Farmor and Farfar after Farmor is back from skiing vacation

6 March 2016: Oops... Farmor and Farfar ran away from the fireworks candle...

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