Sunday 1 May 2016


Strawberry Popsicle

Makes 9 popsicles


1. 2 apples sliced
2. 2 oranges sliced
3. A handful of strawberries
4. 1 tsp of sugar, honey or maple syrup (optional)


1. Juice out the above fruits using a cold-pressed juicer (we use Hurom fine filter setting for juice)
2. Pour into Popsicle mold.
3. Freeze in freezer overnight or until it turn into ice.

Additional Information:

It was J's idea to freeze orange juice with ice-cube mold. Then I built on it - making Popsicles with fruit juice.

We didn't get to go to church today. The road was blocked for Marathon, and I could not drive out. So we made this today.

I have bought the LEGO popsicle mold from Legoland a few years ago, when J was still very very young and never got to use it, since I don't see a pressing need to introduce ice-cream to him. So this is the very first time it made its maiden's debut :-)

This is a very healthy way to eat ice-cream - no artificial favoring, all from real fruit using real strawberries and raspberries for favoring. You can sweeten it with sugar, but it is sweet enough for us.

It is another way of enjoying healthy and nutritious juicing :-)

We only have 3 popsicle molds, so we drank the rest of the fruit juice instead.

6 May 2016 (7Y2M1D): J wanted to make more fruit popsicle today. We made it in the morning and froze it ready for this evening.

6 May 2016 (7Y2M1D): Eating homemade popsicle with po po.

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