Thursday 12 May 2016


Tips for How to Conduct Successful Elementary Montessori Lessons

Here are some tips on how to conduct Montessori lessons by Michael Dorer that I have found from the internet (unfortunately I have lost the link):

1. Plan 30-33 lessons per subject per year.

2. Have a designated day for presenting lesson in each subject area.

3. One lesson per week in a subject area.

4. During this time, present your three lessons, totally NO More than 1.5 hour at the most.

5. Keep lessons brisk and crisp. Do NOT have children do the work at the lesson.

6. Every morning allow 2.5-3 hours of work time, which is not interrupted by recess, snack, class meetings, pull-outs, etc.

7. Don't be too ambitious. It is possible to have 7 lessons per week, some weeks - but rarely!

8. Only present key lessons, avoiding details.

9. Offer 2-5 examples at the most.

10. Avoid task cards, many problem cards, many example cards, Keep It Simple (KISS)

11. Do not focus on mastery, focus on technique or process.

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