Saturday 13 August 2016


Let Baby Smell Spices

Age: From 1-6 months old

Objective: To stimulate baby's senses.


1. Containers of spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, star anise, etc. or
2. Vanilla pod or
3. A ripe banana or
4. A slice of orange or lemon or
5. Flowers such as Lavender


1. Open a container in front of you and pass it under your baby's nose close enough for her to smell it.

2. Watch her face to see her expression.

Additional Information:

According to the Baby center, your baby "may open his eyes wide, startle, or even smile. In the case of the citrus (a smell babies generally don't like), he may frown or turn away. Try this activity every few weeks as your baby gets older and see how his reactions change."

If you don't have the time to prepare smelling jars, and if you live near a spice shop, if the shop owner allows, simply bring your baby there and let your baby smell at the spices :-)

13 August 2016: It was raining today. We could not go out. We happened to have jars of spices. We tried this for the first time today, when Baby C was nearly 3 months old (12W6D). She liked the cinnamon smell, but not the Cardamon smell.

I am not so good at remembering. It doesn't have to be so many jars at one go. Whenever I have jars near by, or cut an orange, I should let her try to smell it.

There are a lot of inspiration for baby activities from Baby Center here:


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