Thursday 10 August 2017


The Maritime Museum of Denmark - M/S Museet for Søfart

We continue with our plan to find new places to visit Copenhagen and to experience Copenhagen as a local tourist. Today we went to The Maritime Museum today (10 August 2017, 8Y5M5D). Our Little FECS brought along a friend, M. It is a very modern museum - top class in terms of exhibits. The museum made a commendable effort to cater to children. The boys had a lot of fun looking for the Lego rats in the exhibits and getting a prize at the end of it, placing the books that lighted up at the Tea Business exhibition section and with the Lego workshop. The prize for identifying all the Lego rats was a little boring though - some colour pencils. But since it is not very expensive to visit the museum and children enter free-of-charge, we should not complain. The children were not so interested in the exhibit, but more interested in finding the Lego rats, which was quite a good thing, because some of the exhibits in my opinion is not so suited for children, as it talked about the temptations faced by sailors. A couple of examples, some explicit exhibits/videos of sleazy women luring the sailors and the tattooing activity (ok, I am Asian). One thing I learned - that being a seaman's wife is hard. Overall, it's a very honest telling of the seamen's lives - a commendable praise for the museum.

On the way to the museum, we came across some outdoor trampolines... quite a hit with kids :-)

Their finished work - a ship hotel :-) which they submitted for the competition. The boys spent hours building it. We had to leave the museum at 4pm to pick up Baby FECS from daycare, otherwise, I think they could continue to improvise it even longer. It was nice to see the boys being able to occupy themselves for so long building Lego.

 This is the largest Lego ship built in the world, but seeing it on-site, it looked rather small. Since it is too small to enter, there wasn't much interaction with the LEGO ship such as getting inside, touching the steering, etc. All you could do is to look at it. It doesn't take more than one minute to see it and leave. The boys had their lunchbox outdoor near the cafe, where the LEGO ship exhibit is. They each had an ice-cream thereafter.

There are free parking available, but chances are they are all taken, since Helsingør is a popular tourist spot. Next to the free parking site, there is a paying parking site. We ended up parking there. It cost 10 DKK per hour or 50 DKK for the whole day. Parking there however is free after 8pm, but that wouldn't help us of course. I paid by the hour and ended up paying 50 DKK and a few trips to top-up. On hindsight, I should have chosen to pay for the whole day.

If you are looking for a place to eat, after visiting the museum and the surround museums such as Kronborg, there is the Elsinore Street Food serving mainly burgers, fish and chips, sandwiches and some curry dish. The pizza stall seemed rather good and popular.

The Street Food is housed in some refurbished warehouses just 3 mins walk from the museum.

 Here is how it looked inside. 

The Maritime Museum of Denmark is located in Helsingør, north of Copenhagen. You can find its contact details here:

M/S Museet for Søfart
Ny Kronborgvej 1,
3000 Helsingør
Entrance: 110 DKK for adults. Children under 18 years free

This Saturday 12 August 2017, you can join the sailor safari on Øresund and try out classic sailor activities i.e. study traffic, ship type, ship wreck, from 3-5pm. It is free for adults, once entrance to the museum is paid, but it cost 30 DKK for child under 18 years old.

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