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Things to Do in Denmark in April & May

Tulip field in Bøgehave in Lolland Denmark (Tulipan marken i Bøgehave - Vesterborg - Lolland)
Photo credit: alekov.assen

For those who love flowers, the best time to visit Denmark or Europe in general would be from from April to May. I am planning my Auntie's visit in April to May next year, as she loves flowers. Here are the things one can see and do in Denmark during April and May:

1. Flowers & Fields

After a long, dark and cold winter, Denmark comes alive with flowers blooming all over the Danish countryside end April and early May. The color and beauty they add to the Danish meadows and gardens during the Danish spring time is unforgettable. Here are what you can see during the Danish spring time:

2. Festivals

There are countless number of wonderful and exciting festivals in Denmark especially during the summer. Here are the festivals that take place during spring time:
  • End Apr - Sakura Festival - This festival is organized by the Japanese living in Copenhagen. Feast your eyes, enjoy the Japanese cultural performance and have a picnic under hundreds of blooming cherry-blossom trees (29-30 June 2017)
  • End May - Denmark's Tulip Festival at the Gravnø Castle
  • May - See the sand sculpture made by international artists at the Sand Festival

3. Fun Parks

This category refers to all theme parks, water parks, playland, etc.:
  • Try kids' friendly gentle rides, make snobrød on bonfire, canoe on a small scenic lake, pat farm animals, climb high-rope, canoe, circus performance, etc. at Sommerland Sjælland
  • Visit the new LEGO House in Billund (opening on 28 September 2017)

4. Farms

The Danish farms are surprisingly clean and pleasant. They are very cosy and fun to visit. The animals are very well-treated. I believe this adds to the wonderful cozy relax ambiance of the Danish farms. Unlike many other countries, farmers are also equally respected in Denmark. Thus, you get the feeling that the farmers genuinely love what they are doing and take great pride in their work. That vibe triggers down to the farm visitors. The animals are relaxed and the farms are not stressed for any production. I would also say that visiting Denmark without visiting a Danish farm would be a pity. Here are some of the farms or farm-related festivals you can visit:
  • Mid Apr – Økodag: During Økodag, which means Organic produce Day, many Danish farms have an open house full of fun activities for both adults and kids. You get to see the Danish cows being let out of their winter stable for the first time in the year. You could almost feel them leaping with joy like some dancing cows :-) (Sunday 15 April 2018 10am -2pm)
  • Free Children's Animal Farm & Playground (Bondegården Sundbyvester): see rabbits, horse-carriage, pony-ride, feed goats
  • Free horse-carriage ride at Grantoftegaard Farm on Tuesdays and Wednesday from 10 am - 1 pm (except lunch time 11.30am - 12pm) all year round and you don't have to reserve a space
  • Free open house farm one weekend a month (Skolelandbruget) in Farum
  • Experience a Danish farm-stay, see rabbits, get a pony-ride, feed goats, touch lambs, feed pigs, horseback-riding, play with hay, participate in milking a cow, get on a tractor ride, go on a horse-carriage at Lykkebjerg Farm-stay (Lykkebjerg Bondegårdsferie) or if farm-stay is too much for you, you can pay for a day admission and participate in the farm activities for the day.

5. Fjords, Lakes & Sea

Surrounding by sea, Denmark is blessed with many quaint harbours and idyllic lakes. Here are some recommendation which we love:
  • Soak in the atmosphere at Nyhavn and take the Copenhagen harbour cruise with Netto Bådene
  • Sail along the Copenhagen harbour on a motorized boat with GoBoat from Copenhagen Fisketorvet
  • Take a boat-ride on the rustic and beautiful lakes of Lyngby, Bagsværd and Furesø with Bådfarten
  • Relax in the summer house in Tilsvilde and watch the sun-set
  • See Frederiksberg Garden (Frederiksberg Have) by boat with Svendsen's Boat Service (Svendsens Bådfart)
  • Take a cruise to Olso with DFDS
  • Catch-crabs and have a crab race at Rungsted Harbour (Rungsted Havn)
  • Experience Copenhagen by harbour water-bus (same price as the bus ticket) (Havnebussen)
  • Stay a night at the harbour floating boat hotel (CPH Living Floating Hotel)
  • Copenhagen Sand Festival
  • Walk on the cliff of Møn and admire its understated beauty (Møns Klint)
  • Alternatively, you can visit the lesser known Stevn's Cliff (Stevns Klint)

6. Forests, Countryside & Parks

They say you can't visit Denmark without seeing the Little Mermaid, I would say that a trip to Denmark is not complete without seeing a Danish forest. Denmark is lush with many forests, and the Nordic forests are a beauty to behold. Here are some of the forests you could visit in Denmark.
  • Come up-close with deers at The Deer Park (Dyrehaven) in Klampenborg 
  • Try pony-riding at the Fortunen Ponycenter in the Deer Park (Dyrehaven) 
  • Go for a walking trip to the Danish forest at the forest opposite Sophienholm or the forest between Virum and Holte (Geelskov)
  • Explore the Danish forest, make forest weed soup over bonfire, play treasure hunt, play at the forest playground with an experienced local from Skovsjov
  • Go on a wild mushroom-picking trip with a Danish local guide at Hareskoven Forest
  • Free guided nature walk, wild plants and herbs picking trips, wild mushroom-picking trips, etc. all over Denmark at Ud i Naturen
  • Danmarks Naturfredningsforening Lyngby-Taarbæk - Here you can find free nature activities such as guided nature walk, wild plants and herbs picking trips, wild mushroom-picking trips, etc. within the Kongens Lyngby Copenhagen suburb north of Copenhagen
  • See the Danish country-side by an old Danish vintage train ride (Nordsjællands Veterantog)
  • See a flock of up to 80 wild horses, consisting of stallions and mares of all ages in Langeland, April and May being high season. 

7. Forefathers' Times

This category refers to the historical places and museums in Denmark. Denmark has a high number of museums and they are of a very high quality. Here are some of the best museums you can visit:
  • Visit the famous Danish children's author Hans Christian Andersen Museum (H. C. Andersens Hus)
  • Have a peep also at Hans Christian Andersen's Childhood Home (H. C. Andersens Barndomshjem)
  • Sail like a Viking at the reconstructed viking ship departing from the Viking Ship Museum (Vikingskibsmuseet)
  • Live like a Viking or Flintstone, make twist-bread-on-a-stick (snobrød) over bonfire, cook stone-age food, canoeing in carve out wood, play viking games, try pottery-making, get a taste of the olden day's food at the open-air viking museum The Land of the Legends (Sagnlandet) - opens 8 April - 31 May 10-17 hrs (Mon close)
  • The Viking Fortress (Trelleborg) - 1 April - 31 May hrs 10-16 hrs (Mon close)
  • The Brede Works Industrialisation of Denmark Museum (Brede Værk) - opens weekends only May + weekdays 3-5 & 12 May 10-17 hrs

8. Fortresses, Castles & Churches

Judging by the vast number of fortresses and castles in Denmark, it is indeed a fairy-tale country steep in the tradition of royalty. Here are some of the fortresses/castles you could visit:
  • See the changing of guards and get an insight into the Danish royal history at the  Amalienborg Palace
  • The Rosenborg Palace (Rosenborg Slot) - opens 17 April - 31 May 10-16 hrs
  • See the ruins - remainings of the wall from Bishop Absalon’s Castle from the 11th century under the Christianbog Palace (Christianborg Slot) - April 10-17 hrs (Mon close), May daily 9-17 hrs
  • See the Christianborg Slot's Tower and get a spectacular view of the city
  • The Frederiksborg Castle (Frederiksborg Slot)
  • The Kronborg Castle (Kronborg Slot)
  • The Marble Church (Marmorkirken)
  • The Copenhagen Cathedral (Vor Frue Kirke)
  • The beautiful Egeskov Castle and Gardens (Egeskov Slot)

9. Food

Unlike many traditional European food, the modern Danish cuisine inspired from the World's No. 1 Restaurant Noma, is delightfully light, pleasing to the eyes, fresh and amazingly tasty. And they are even nutritious and healthy. Also do try out the Nordic pizza and the Nordic salad. Here are some of the more loved Danish food establishments:

10. Folk & Culture

Folk and culture refers to the street lives, community lives, etc. that give you a glimpse of the Danish daily life. If you have a bit more time, do check out the following:

11. Flea-markets & Shopping

Flea-markets are very common in Denmark. Almost every city, county and town has its own flea-markets on weekends. Here are some of the bigger and more interesting one plus the shopping centers:

12. Films & Shows

The Danes are a creative lot. Their theatres, films and shows are of a very high quality.

13. Famous Touristic Attractions

And finally I list the usual famous Danish touristic attractions below. In general, they tend to be a bit more pricey compared to the rest of the recommendations in this post, since their main target are tourists. If you have more the time to spare, definitely visit them in order to be able to say that you have been there and done that :-)

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