Monday 16 September 2019


Homemade Healthy & Nutritious Wholewheat Pasta without Egg


1. 400 g white whole wheat flour
2. 170 ml water
3. 1/2 tsp salt


1. Add flour and salt into the compartment.
2. Turn on the machine.
3. Slowly add water. The machine will mix and knead the dough for 3 minutes and start to extrude noodles thereafter.
4. When the noodles reach a certain desired length, cut them.
5. The whole process takes 18 minutes.

Additional Information:

I was at a friend's place today, and she was kind to show me her amazing noodle making machine from Phillips. It makes delicious noodles in 15 minutes, even whole wheat noodles turned out perfect :-) And best of all, they tasted so delicious too!!!

It requires just 3 ingredients - flour, salt and water. For water, one can use vegetable juice in place of water too, to provide different colors to the pasta. One can add an egg too.

For this batch that we made, we use just 100% white whole wheat flour, salt and water.

And cleaning is brisk too. Just leave the noodle shaper to dry overnight and remove the dry dough :-)

Fresh, nutritious and healthy pasta in 15 minutes - This will be my Christmas wish list to Mr. FECS :-)

We will say goodbye to store-bought pasta for good, and goodbye to all the preservatives. It's also hard to buy 100% whole wheat pasta from supermarkets - most contain at most 17-25%. Soon I can make 100% whole wheat pasta with this Phillips noodle maker

Here is the link to the recipe book:


I use white whole wheat flour, which has the same nutritious benefits and dietary fiber as wholewheat flour, but has the taste and texture similar to white all-purpose flour. White wholewheat flour from Valsemøllen is light in color and tastes almost like white flour, but at the same time, it is rich in fiber, as all the parts of the wheat berries are preserved using a specially developed technic for milling the wheat into flour by Valsemøllen Danish company. It also adds wheat gluten to achieve the texture similar to all-purpose flour. It contains specifically 98.5% whole wheat and 1.5% wheat gluten.

White whole wheat flour is also available in other countries apart from Denmark. According to Kitchn, "Whole-wheat flour is made from hard red spring or winter wheat, which has a nutty, hearty taste. White whole-wheat flour is made from hard white spring or winter wheat, which has the exact same nutritional value of whole-wheat flour, but because of the variety used, it has a milder flavor and paler color."

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