Monday 2 September 2019


How to Make Date Paste As A Natural Fruit-Based Sweetener?


2 cups (300 g) dried dates pitted


1. Place dates in a bowl.

2. Blend with a hand blender until smooth.


Keeps up to three months in the fridge.

Additional Information:

This is really easy - only one ingredient and hand blender, and you are ready to go :-)

I like to use dates as my sweetener in smoothies and have been mixing water with dates. Today, I found out that others are also doing it. And it can be made into date paste too.

Date paste is a more nutritious sweetener, although you still have to limit yourself as it is still super sweet like sugar. Use date paste as you would use honey. Date paste can be used in place of honey, maple syrup or sugar in recipes.

Since it is still a form of sugar, albeit more a much more natural and nutritious sugar - dates is a good source of fiber, potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese and vitamin B6, one still has to consume them in moderation.

All recipes I found use water. But I don't think it is necessary, as the date paste will last longer without water in it. Mine is very thick, like those thick honey. I prefer to add water, when I am about to use it, if need be.

If you use a hand blender, you won't need to use water. If I use my Magimix blender jug, I will need water to make it run. Thus, to make date paste, it is best to use a hand blender. It is done in five minutes, and without the hassle of transferring it between bowls and blender.

I weighed them and found out that one tablespoon of date paste weighs 17 g and it is about 1 - 1.5 date. My dates weighs between 10 - 15 g each. If I am using it for smoothie, I will add two tablespoon of date paste, which is roughly equivalent to 3 dates.


You will need natural dried dates. It cost 25 DKK for a pack of 600 g at Netto or Lidl supermarket at the vegetable section. Use half a packet or approx. 2 cups to make date paste.

  You can use any amount you want, just sufficient amount for your hand blender to work.

 Place the dates in a big bowl.

    Blend them with your hand blender until smooth...

 About 5 minutes.

Now it's done :-)

 Transfer to an air-tight jar. I recycle jam jars.

  Use like you would with honey... put 2 TBS into smoothie...

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