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Easy Danish Pasta with Meat Sauce (Pasta med kødsauce)

Serves 4


1. 500g minced beef
2. 1 can of pasta sauce
3. 2 cloves garlic minced
4. 2 large onions diced
5. 2 TBS olive oil 
6. 2 TBS canola cooking oil or butter
7. 2 TBS olive oil 
8. 2 TBS dried oregano (optional)
9. 2 tsp paprika (optional)
10. 1/2 lemon juiced
11. 100ml red wine or water
12. A handful of basil leaves
13. A few stalks of thyme (optional)
14. Sea salt & pepper to taste
15. 1 TBS ketchup (optional)
16. 4 Servings of spaghetti


1. Marinade the minced beef with salt and pepper (optional step), mix well and keep in the fridge until ready to cook.

2. Bring to boil a pot of water and cook spaghetti according to package instructions.

3. Heat pan with 2 TBS Canola cooking oil or butter, fry garlic until golden.

4. Add a handful of thyme and basil leaves and fry until fragrant.

5. Add onion and fry until golden.

6. Add the meat and mix well, then lower heat to medium to simmer and cook the beef, as you don't want to over-cook the beef.

7. Add chopped tomatoes and/or pasta sauce and mix well.

8. Add lemon juice and mix well.

9. Add salt, pepper, paprika, dried oregano or more thyme/basil leaves as desired.

10. Add 2 TBS olive oil, stir and mix well.

11. Cover and let it simmer under low fire for 1-2 hours to give a more intense taste. If it dries up, add water as desired.

12. Remove the used thyme from the sauce.

13. Dish up on spaghetti and serve with meat sauce and grated cheese.

Additional Information:

Spaghetti with meat sauce is a staple dish in Denmark, especially popular with Danish kids during play date if the kid is staying for dinner. This is a very basic easy recipe. We like to add fresh tomato into the meat sauce, apart from using a jar of pasta sauce from the supermarket. Our family also likes to add in minced carrots to the meat sauce after it is cooked and the fire is turned off to give it an additional crunch. We like to serve it with grated mozzarella cheese, and grated parmesan cheese, but this is optional.


You can buy the European herbs from Netto supermarket. Above are thyme (timian) and rosemary (rosmarin)

This is the Danish basil (Basilikum)

Here you have the organic parsley (persille), dill (dild) and basil leaves (basilikum)

Here are the non-organic parsley (persille), dill (dild) and chives (purløg)

Marinade the minced beef with salt and pepper.

Add a tablespoon of soy sauce to the marinade (optional). Refrigerate until you are ready to cook it.

Heat pan and add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil or butter.

Add garlic and fry until fragrant.

Add basil leaves and fry until fragrant.

Add thyme and fry until fragrant.

Add onion and fry until golden and fragrant.

Turn up heat to high, add beef and quickly fry until brown but not fully cooked. 

Turn heat down to low, add lemon juice.

Add salt and pepper, dried oregano or more thyme as desired.

Add a jar of pasta sauce and mix well. We like to use the organic version.

Sometimes I added a tablespoon of ketchup into the meat sauce (optional). Stir well.

Add two tablespoon of olive oil into the meat sauce and stir well. It adds flavor and give it a nice texture :-) Let the sauce simmer for 1-2 hours to get a more intense taste. If it dries up, add some water as desired.

 Remove the used thyme from the sauce and discard.

Now it's done :-)

We like to switch off the fire and add raw grated carrots into the meat sauce and stir. It adds an extra crunch that my family likes and the increase the vitamin contents naturally as well :-)

You can garnish with chopped parsley and serve it with spaghetti :-)

To cook pasta:

Bring to boil a large pot of water, add a bit of olive oil.

Add salt.

Add pasta.

Cook pasta according to instructions in the package, normally about 8-9 minutes.

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