Friday 2 December 2022


Biblical Sex Education for Teens

The internet gives our children a distorted view of sexuality through pornography, lewd and sexual content that is harmful to both the body and the mind.

It takes what is meant to be beautiful, pure, exclusive and private; and puts it on public display, degrading it, making it dirty, cheap and an agent of destruction.

We don’t want our children to have such a corrupted view of sexuality. It has life-long consequences. We all want the very best for our children. We want them to have the right perspective about love, marriage and sexuality. 

Marriage concerns the whole life of our children. It can either be a lasting source of deep joy and fulfillment, or it can also be a source of brokenness, isolation and deep pain. Divorces are rampant. Dead and lifeless marriages are also common place.

In order for our children to have a chance at a successful, loving and lasting marriage, all aspects need to be addressed and taught. This is not the only aspect, but this is an important aspect that we as parents have to address and teach our children to have the right mindset. 

If we don’t, who would?

No one has the best interests of our children at heart except their parents.

We live in a different age and time - the age of internet. Good foundation has to be laid young and early in our children's lives, before the negative influences from outside set in.

I feel like I have taken a PhD in parenting teenagers, but I am just scratching on the surface.

This guide is the result of my pain-staking effort for the last two years (since I have had the opportunity to stay at home) with my desire to do my very best as a mother in guiding J and C to navigate through their childhood years, their teenage years and into adulthood.

I am once again risking awkwardness, but I am sharing it with you with the sincere hope that it could benefit you with your children too.

May God bless your children and give them the most lasting and loving marital relationship they can have. God wants to. He is the one who created marriage.

This guide is most suited for teenagers age 12 and above. Here is the link to the guide.

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